The post-Christmas slump is real and consists of long weeks of no money and work, work, work. The excess and indulgence of the festive period leave us feeling blue and thus, any hint of luxury and enjoyment should be seized – but in moderation. The time is ripe to give yourself an uplift by switching up your vape juice flavour. And we have some excellent ideas…



Vaping is much less expensive than smoking and with such a big range of vape juice and different flavours on offer, it is also perfect for giving your vaping habit a quick start. The weeks between the festive season and the first buds of spring stretch endlessly before us. What we all need is a change.

And when it comes to vaping, experimenting with different flavours is inexpensive but rewarding. So why not try a new e-juice manufacturer? Here are some favourites here at London Vape Co HQ.

Only Eliquids

There are many different manufacturers of e-juice, all of whom bring something new and delicious to the market. You may have your favourites and it’s easy to understand why. The sublime balance of flavours means that you get the flavoursome experience you want every time.

But how about trying something new, like Only Eliquids, a brand of vaping juice that brings the hint of summer and fun to all its vaping juice flavours.

Here’s the thing – if you like a nicotine-free vape, the flavour range is simply stupendous. Leave your nicotine-cravings behind to vape for the fun of it, enjoying fruity, zesty vape juice flavours such as tingling Orange Soda vape juice, dessert-flavours or add zing with Pink Lemonade eliquid. Perfect for drippers and all sub-tanks, there is something for every vaper in this collection.



When it comes to artisan, handcrafted e-liquids you’ll be hard pushed to find a better than The Waffle Project.

As a dessert, a waffle topped with your favourite topping must surely be one of the best. Produced in the UK by Juice Locker, the range of flavours are the perfect balance between sweetness and flavour.

Vaping your favourite dessert will give your taste buds the extra tingle that they need. Try the Belgian Waffle flavour with lashings of spicy cinnamon and an extra helping of golden syrup.

Or enjoy the mellowness of blueberries loaded with a dollop of cream or welcome the zest of lemon to your next vaping experience. There is also a Lemon Waffle flavour to enjoy too, balanced with citrus flavours and silky melted butter.



Serving nostalgia in a bottle, let yourself be carried back to childhood when life was simpler. Back when the favourite person in your life was the dinner lady for allowing you an extra portion or two of your favourite dessert.

Stocked in 96 countries worldwide, we have one of the largest emporiums of flavours by Dinner Lady.

Enjoy your favourite dessert once again in your next vaping juice such as Orange Tart, Blackberry Crumble and Apple Pie. The favourite vape juice flavour for 2020 was Lemon Tart, with demand often outstripping stock levels.

But there are plenty of others to choose from including Strawberry Macaroon, Lemon Tart and Apple Crumble nic salts to name a few.

What are nic salts?

When you want a quick snap of nicotine, you may find that freebase nicotine from your usual vape juice just doesn’t quite deliver. Adding nic salts will. You get the quick nicotine hit without the thumping headache.


If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll understand the importance of having something sweet after your main meal. And that’s why getting quality vaping juice that delivers sweetness without a plastic aftertaste is essential.

What’s for Afters is one of those brands that packs a lot into a small bottle. Available in seven flavours, if you want quality flavour with guaranteed quality look no further.

Research and experimentation have produced Peaches & Cream, a light yet flavoursome vape juice but sadly not one of your five a day! There are other light, delicious flavours but one of our best, especially in the long grey months until spring is Berry Crumble.



This small collection from the Daily Grind – there are three coffee shop-inspired flavours – oozes sophistication and delight. With 0mg nicotine, you can enjoy vaping these for fun or can easily be mixed with nicotine for those wanting a nicotine vape.

The Daily Grind Vanilla Iced Coffee flavour is perfect for the morning commute with the Toffee Nut Latte making a pleasant change when you want to switch up your vaping liquid. The P.G.T. Lemonade vape juice also has a pleasant fruity tang to it with understated flavours joining together to produce a welcome lift on a grey winter’s day.